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Master Crypto Self-Custody

"Not your keys, not your coins."

Crypto exchanges have proven untrustworthy for long-term holding of your digital assets. Over $50 Billion of Crypto assets have been stolen through hacks and bankruptcies over the last few years. The only way to avoid becoming another statistic is to Master the art of Crypto Self-Custody. We are a Boston based team of Crypto consultants who operate solely on the principle of "not your keys, not your coins." Our expert team will walk you through the entire process from creating a portfolio, setting up and using a hardware wallet, to transferring assets to and from exchanges and then liquidating to USDC or cash. To date, BitcoinShield has helped provide keys to our customers leading to the secure self-custody of $7 Million of Crypto assets.

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BitcoinShield 2023 Newsletter: U.S. Digital Transformation

BitcoinShield 2024 One-Pager

In cryptocurrency, every investor must utilize only state-of-the-art security protocols and measures in order to protect their valuable investment. 1,500 bitcoins are on average lost daily. Like Gold-certificates, currency, and other tangible assets like cars and homes, Bitcoin is a tangible asset which requires a high level of responsibility. Custody done properly is the only way to ensure long-term security. The individual that keeps their keys safe, keeps their property safe.

As the world economy struggles following Covid, an unpredictable political climate, and record inflation, retail and institutional investors are looking for diverse, uncorrelated, and secure stores of value. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the blockchain network are set to meet the challenge.

Bitcoin has evolved to the point of being respected as an uncorrelated asset with daily volume in the billions. Among Gold, stocks, and other asset classes, Bitcoin and Crypto assetts offer new opportunities.

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