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Pete Benner

Founder and Operations Director

Peter Shaw Benner, Founder & Operations Director, has been a successful Bitcoin and cryptocurrency speculator and investor since 2012. He is a master in all technical aspects of safely moving and storing cryptocurrency as well as keen steps to maximize potential in this realm.

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Charles Reilly Jr.

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Charles D. Reilly Jr., Co-founder & Managing Director, has been a cryptocurrency investor since 2017 and developed a passion for blockchain technology and utility. With over 10 years of business development, account management, and customer success at top startups in Boston’s tech industry, Charles is a great match to lead  BitcoinShield’s mission.



BitcoinShield Inc. is a Massachusetts registered consulting company that leads clients through all aspects of harnessing the value of cryptocurrency. BitcoinShield was founded by New England born blockchain enthusiasts and investors for the past decade with the underlying desire to make Bitcoin accessible and secure for everyone. BitcoinShield delivers modern security solutions for clients to acquire and store assets in a manner suited to their lifestyle and risk tolerance. Our recommended combination of cold-storage and use of only regulated exchanges is how BitcoinShield’s expert guidance on self-custody is creating confidence in this emerging industry.    

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